“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”

Said Marcus Tullius Cicero in a letter to his friend Terentius Varro, expressing the need to nurture body and mind. Such an old quote yet so contemporary in this digital age where more and more people would love to go back to basics and adopt a simple lifestyle. Growing your own food in your garden and


I have a link with Haiti. 21 years ago I spent a few weeks in the country, after being invited by Jan Hoet who has lived, and devoted much of his life, in support of the country and it’s people. I spent most of my time there in the capital city of Port-au-Prince but also went into


My sister Ellen does not cease to amaze me. She is a semi-professional cyclo-cross rider, meaning that she is combining a top-level sports career with a job. She did not choose the easiest of sporting disciplines. Cyclo-cross is a combination of mountain biking and road racing. It’s quite an easy concept: for one hour –

Just do it

In these Olympic days, you would assume this is about a popular shoe company’s slogan. Just put your shoes on and run. It’s not though. In a Time Management course I learned that procrastination is one of the main reasons people are not doing what they should be doing. Honestly, I had to check Wikipedia because