Barnfield Road

is a winding road basically connecting the village I grew up in with the village I live in today. It’s a road I always fancied living in as a child. I used to drive through it quite frequently with my parents and later on when I had a friend living there. It’s as if I have always known that I would build my house in this road when I was older and settling down. I’m pretty happy to live there with my loved ones and although it’s a small village – no train, no theatre, no twenty-four seven, no Indian Streetfood – I feel safe and secure with family and friends nearby. Whenever I’m in need of some cultural and gastronomic nurturing, I find Antwerp and Brussels not too far away. Being in a city can give me so much energy but can also leave me feeling ripped off when I see how much of the fuss is actually overrated and unreasonably priced. Every day I drive to work in the city, exposing myself to traffic and crowds. Coming back in the evening, cars and people decrease with every mile I cover and the city bustle slowly becomes rural peace and quiet.

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