Best of 2016 and Bucket list for 2017

Looking back at 2016 I dare say it has been a special year. I spent the whole of January on the couch after I had knee surgery, imperative after a silly ski accident. Pain killers and cold packs were my dear companions for weeks. For sure things could only get better after this ! So here is my best of list for 2016:

The greatest thing I bought was an espresso machine. I’m addicted to coffee so I consider this to be a vitally important object. Got rid of my piano as I will never be any good at playing the damned thing. The best music I heard on stage was Tame Impala at Werchter, a bunch of Australian weirdos producing instant feel-good music ! I was mostly, and most unexpectedly, charmed by Lake Garda in Italy, never been there before as I’m not very fond of mass tourism but it was truly a nice experience. My best move was to finally start writing and start preparing for a serious career switch. I mostly admired my sister, again, she is just amazing the way she rides her cyclocross bike each week. Best citytrip was Barcelona, where I spent most of the time on the beach or drinking cava without ending up financially ruined. Best fun was the skitrip in December with my dear friends which left me financially broke though and physically exhausted. Greatest loss to me was George Michael, my teenage hero, my pop idol. Best quote : ‘I’m nicer when I like my outfit’. Best lesson learned, from my 11-year old son : to be a good mother is to be a laughing mother. Okay… Mostly appalled by terrorist actions all over Europe, creating fear and uneasiness whenever you are surrounded by people.

Looking forward to 2017 with great expectations !

Hope to see Oasis reunited and play at some Belgian festival soon. Want to spend some time in Winchester, England in July to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen. Aspire to reread all here great classics by then. Want to go on  a city trip to Bilbao, Spain and Aarhus, Denmark. Want to watch the second series of The Crown on Netflix. Intend to have my house and garden fixed after all these years. Hope to realise this career switch and enjoy my job. Watch Delvis and Radiohead at Belgian Summer festivals. Get rid of the couch which is destroying my back with every minute I spend on it. Plan to get out more, visit places and exhibitions. Plan to invite more people…if I manage to get my house and garden fixed…Okay.


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